[RANT] Why Cosplay is so Sexualized? It's a Myth!

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TW: Rant

When you search the term, “Why cosplay is so”, the first thing that you will see is the term “why cosplay is so sexualized”, which is very misleading!

 The question, “why cosplay is so sexualized” is the most misleading things that you can see in the internet. Cosplay is all about self expression!

You’re questioning whether cosplay is sexualized. My answer is no! Society believes that cosplay may have a sexualized aspect, but it is not inherently so. Don’t listen to those bullshits! 

I will give you some disclaimer before I start mentioning my arguments in the question, “why cosplay is so sexualized.”

This blog is a rant post. If you are not comfortable to be enlighten about the fact that cosplay is a fun hobby than a sexual activity. 

Or you are the readers that’s too entitled in their own opinion. I recommend you to leave this page and find other blogs on this website that you are more comfortable to read. 

Key Takeaways:

Why the Question “Why is Cosplay So Sexualized?” is a Load of Bullshit: 6 Arguments from a Cosplayer

1.Media’s Misleading Portrayal: The media often paints cosplayers as sexual objects, but this is far from the truth. It’s a harmful stereotype that overshadows the true artistry and passion for cosplay.

2. Fear Sells: The media sensationalizes negativity because it generates clicks and views. Don’t fall for their fear-mongering tactics. Cosplay is fun, not dangerous.

3. Cosplay as Art: Cosplay is self-expression, creativity, and skill. It’s about celebrating characters and stories, not attracting sexual attention.

4. Showing Love, Not Skin: Cosplayers dress up because they love a character, not to be sexualized. Don’t mistake passion for a fictional world as an invitation for harassment.

5. Cosplay is Not Consent: Wearing a costume doesn’t mean a cosplayer is consenting to anything beyond admiration for their work. Respect boundaries always.

6. Success Doesn’t Require Sex Appeal: You don’t have to be “sexy” to be a successful cosplayer. Many talented cosplayers have built huge followings based on their skills and creativity alone.

Key Message: Cosplay is a vibrant and inclusive community focused on creativity, passion, and shared a love for fictional characters. Let’s reject the false narrative that it’s all about sex appeal and reclaim the genuine spirit of cosplay.

“Why Cosplay is so Sexualized?” No, because it’s a Myth!

I’m urging to vent out my arguments about this bullshit question that’s roaming the Google realm. I don’t want to waste my time. Let’s dive into my arguments against this myth.

Misleading Portrayal of Cosplay by Media/Media Manipulation

Plato's cave theory
Source: https://www.studiobinder.com/blog/platos-allegory-of-the-cave/

I know that you’re aware that media often portrays Cosplayer as a sexual object or anything like that. Let me tell you that this stupidity is a myth! Cosplayers are here just to have fun, not to do lewd things.

As a cosplayer by myself, I’m disappointed in how media portrayed cosplayers and that corrupts the mind of the society. I’m just having fun here, dressing up like my favorite character just to see disgusting news that a mass media is producing awful content about cosplay.

One example of an inappropriate portrayal of cosplayers is the Vivamax’s adult film, Pantasya ni Tami. Vivamax objectifying cosplayers in this film according to Inquirer Pop. 

It’s so sad to think that many Filipinos watched this film and got influenced by it. After they got influenced by these kinds of bullshit medias, they will have a thought that “oh, cosplayers are for sex, isn’t it?”

Fear Sells

I will say the truth about these media manipulation tricks, they are just doing it for money! Why? Because fear sells in the market.

Many parents that read news about negative portrayal of cosplayers will turn to fear. These parents will be in fight-or-flight emotion, thinking that their cosplayer children are in danger. 

This fear will leads for parents to spend money to prohibit their child from cosplaying. Do you get the logic? The more you believed in media, the more you will look more consumerist robot!

Not for just parents, but also for any individuals. If someone saw news about the film I mention about cosplay, what will they feel? Fear about the cosplay community, right? 

These consumerists will dive deeper into this issue in the point that they subscribed to that app just to know about it. Their curiosity and fear turns to money. That’s how it works! Cosplay is sexualized because fear sells! 

Cosplay is an art form

As I said before in my blog, cosplay is a form of artistry for everyone. I cannot comprehend on how society mixed the word “sexual” to “arts.” As for as I know, art means to express yourself without any judgement. Creative expression is one of the benefits of cosplay.

Three pencils of different colors are positioned on a white surface with labels. The green pencil, labeled "Passion," is at the top right. The black pencil, labeled "Talent," is at the bottom left. The red pencil is centered between them.

It’s sad to think that most people think that cosplay is a sexual activity than a creative expression hobby. Your passion and talent for cosplay still shine without being sexualized!

Cosplay is about Showing Love for the Character

By the definition of cosplay by itself, it means dressing up like a fictional character. We can see here that it’s way too obvious that people cosplay to show their love for that specific character.

People do cosplay for fun, not to do any sexual stuffs inside of the convention venue. 

Cosplay is not a Consent

While a cosplayer is dressing up like your favorite character, that doesn’t mean that you have a sovereign right to do something to that cosplayer. Cosplay is just dressing up, not a pass to harass someone.

You don’t need to be sexy in order to Cosplay

Many people are still figuring out if being sexy is required to cosplay. The short answer here is no!

Although costumes that are overly sexual might be popular, it’s not necessary for you to follow suit. You don’t have to wear revealing cosplay. Actually, it’s not required. In reality, there are numerous cosplayers who wear costumes without the need for sexual appeal, and they are just as successful. 

There are plenty of these everyday cosplayers at conventions. Indeed, I’m aware of several professional cosplayers who don’t engage in any sexual cosplay. They are just as appealing and gorgeous in their costumes; it’s their talent and abilities that shine through. 

You don’t need to be Sexualized in Order to be a Professional Cosplayer!

You just saw the headline, you can be a “wholesome” cosplay content creator and still earn million of followers. You don’t need to sell yourself just to be a pro cosplayer.

There’s so many cosplayers in the world that’s not sexualized but still have a thousand but millions of followers in their social media account. One of the example of SFW cosplay content creator I know is Lujiuerhei, a wholesome Chinese cosplayer.

In their cosplay, you will not see any exposed boobs or butt in their content, but their followings are so large! I know that most of the well-known cosplayers that have a thousand followers are sexualized but you’re wrong!

Remember that there’s some hidden gems cosplayer like Lujiuerhei that’s hoarding followers from pure cosplay skills! There’s so many factors that can improve your cosplay, so don’t forget to check out my blog about improving your cosplay.


The term “why cosplay is so sexualized” is misleading. Cosplay is a fun hobby, not a sexual activity. Media often portrays cosplayers as sexual objects, which corrupts the mind of society. Fear sells in the market, leading parents to spend money to prohibit their child from cosplaying. 

People do cosplay to show their love for the character, not to do any sexual stuffs. The article provides six arguments against the myth of cosplay is sexualized.