Aira Fujiyuki: An Alluring Casual Wanderer Cosplayer

Aira Fujiyuki Scaramouche Casual Cosplay Full Body

Aira Fujiyuki is an underrated cosplayer in the cosplay community. He is a full-time blogger and a cosplayer at the same time.

Aira Fujiyuki is an NBDB (National Book Development Board) registered author/writer (Reg no. 6461) that turns his writing to a full-time job by blogging about artistry like cosplay, digital arts and traditional arts.

He is in the field of many creative activities such as writing, cosplay, visual art, digital art and etc. Writing for him is the king of all creative endeavor. This activity release his love to all activities that he loved so much.

While his cosplay is not actually using a traditional costume, he is getting followers in Facebook because of his innovative way of doing cosplay. His style of costuming surpass the community norms!

He is using his school uniform as a cloth for his Wanderer Genshin Cosplay. This sounds so awkward but that’s the purpose of any art form, to be inovative being!

This kind of cosplay they called casual cosplay is not widely accepted in the community but most of cosplayers like Aira Fujiyuki raising a voice about it.

Turning his Wanderer cosplay wig to Customized Wanderer hair.

Many people will say that his wig is “unstyled” but you are wrong with it! It’s an exaggeration of Wanderer’s real hair. In the fiction world, there is an infinite answers to everything including the appearance of the characters. That’s the beauty of fiction!

If many Wanderer fans (Wandernation) are spending their time on writing a personalized fanfictions and fanarts to this beloved character, why I should not make a personalized hairstyle for this character as many Genshin players are complaining about his haircut?

That’s my point here! I’m existed in this cosplay world to do my own style, not to follow the norms!

Face Mask as Sarcastic Response to Wanderer uniqueness from the lore

Many people will say, oh, finally! A styled Wanderer cosplay wig. Well, some of them doesn’t appreciate my cosplay, then it’s fine. Cosplay is art. Art is used to express ourselves. We express ourselves, not for other’s opinion!

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn. -Gore Vida

Let’s go back to our topic. In my picture it’s way unusual that Wanderer wears a face mask as stated in the video game’s lore. That’s why I did the opposite to makes my cosplay stands out!

Various comments will be made in this world because of this kind of cosplay. Doing the opposite side of the character that you are cosplaying is a unique and humorous way to let your creative juices flow!

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Random Facts about me:

Name: Aira Fujiyuki

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Height: 5’3 (Short)

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NBDB Writer Registration Number: 6461

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