5 Mind-Blowing Benefits of doing Cosplay.

Benefits of doing cosplay

Cosplay is a health-neutral hobby that is harmless nor healthy. But did you know that there is a benefits of doing cosplay?

Cosplay is a popular hobby among nerds, artists, anime fans, geeks, and everyone who loves dressing up like their favorite fictional character. It seems awkward that dressing up will benefit you. While it’s a weirdo topic, you still managed to click this search result in your search engine.

I know that cosplay is not a therapy or medicine but an activity that has a hidden therapeutic benefit to you. Wait a minute! While cosplay has benefits to you, it also can harm you if you become obsessed to it. Everything that’s excessive is bad for yourself!

So, let’s get back to the topic. Here are the 5 benefits of doing cosplay to yourself. Whether it’s health-related or not, we will tackle it down!

These Are Some Benefits of Doing Cosplay


I’m not saying that once I wear my beautiful Wanderer Cosplay Wig, I will be ejected from the earth to the Genshin Impact World. Joke aside, what I mean is that escapism is doing an activity to escape from day-to-day problems.

Cosplay is one of the escapism hobbies that can be used to cope with your life problems. Wear that costume on, go to the convention, and enjoy your day without having to think about your life stress. Getting your stress down is the most therapeutical benefits of doing cosplay.

Cosplay is a form of Artistry and Creative Expression

Cosplay is considered art as well and cosplayers are artists. Visual artists use their canvas as their art showcase while cosplayers use their costumes, props, and wigs as their flex in the world of arts. The benefits that you got from visual arts are also the benefits of doing cosplay.

Cosplay is a healthy form of art that everyone can participate in, no matter what. It’s just like visual arts but in a different medium. Cosplayers spend so much time styling their wig, doing makeup, and finalizing their costume for their showcase in the next cosplay convention that they will attend. 

Social Opportunity

Every hobby in the world has social opportunities, and cosplay is no exception for it. Whether you are cosplaying online or inside of the convention, you can find a good peer who will be a good part of your cosplay journey.

This is the moment that a stranger you meet at the convention will be your best friend forever. The most exciting part here is that the person is the right one for your heart. Yeah, this sounds weird for non-cosplayers to hear that because of cosplay, they become a lifetime partner. In fact, this is a common occurrence in the community. 

If you are single, why not give a cosplay a shot? I cannot guarantee you that you will find the right one if you do cosplay but it might increase the chance! Getting the Mr. Right is one of the most heart-busting benefits of doing cosplay.

Self Expression

This might sound cliche to veteran cosplayers. Cosplay is a form of self-expression in that a cosplayer can express themselves like their favorite character. For example, I always do a casual cosplay of the Wanderer (Wanderer) from the Genshin Impact. As soon as I wear my Wanderer wig, I can express myself as that character.

You know the feeling of stepping on someone’s shoes? Wearing this wig makes me feel that I’m the character that I’m always playing in my favorite video game. It gives me a euphoric feeling! If you want to express yourself healthily, try cosplay!

Sense of Community

Being part of the cosplay community gives me a sense of community. Getting surrounded by fellow cosplayers who have the same interests is such a good experience for my social life.

Being a cosplayer opens many social doors. You can meet like-minded cosplayers who can potentially invite you to their cosplay group (a.k.a Cosgroup). Being part of these communities can be a good support system for you. 

You are free to express your feelings about your interests without any judgment, that’s my favorite part of being part of a cosplay community! Being surrounded by these people are one of the benefits of doing cosplay.


So, we are done in tackling down the benefits of doing cosplay. This hobby can be a good coping mechanism for your day-to-day stress. Not just a coping mechanism but this hobby can also improve your social life. You can meet friendly strangers who can be your friend or lover. Being part of the cosplay community allows you to share your nerdy interests with others without getting judged!