How To Be a Better Cosplayer: Cosplay Like a Pro

How to be a better cosplayer

In the midst of competitive days of the cosplay world, you might be wondering on how to be a better cosplayer just to win your desired contest. Fear not, you are free improve your performance!

Cosplay is a fun hobby and now it’s turning to a competitive dressing up game. A lot of cosplayers aim to enhance their abilities to craft costumes that look more polished. This hobby can give you an opportunity to be your favorite fictional character.

Whether you’re a beginner in cosplay or just want to step up your game, there are plenty of advice and techniques that can assist you in attaining a more refined and genuine appearance. In this piece, we’ll delve into some of the top advice for cosplaying on how to be a better cosplayer.

What Makes Cosplay Good?

This question is case-to-case basis. Cosplay is an art form. Every person in the world has their own unique taste of arts. Cosplay is not an exception for it. Please be reminded that the quality of your cosplay is not based in your expenses.

For cosplayers, honing your cosplay abilities is crucial for advancing your cosplay journey. Although cosplaying is an enjoyable and imaginative pastime, boosting your abilities will not only improve the appearance of your outfits, but also provide you with a feeling of achievement. This might be good for your mental health.

Not just a feeling of achievement, but a sense of victory if you strive to win a cosplay competition. Winning a cosplay contest can boost your ego to keep going in your passion. Receiving a certificate that you win a contest will be your most unforgettable moments in your journey.

5 Simple Tips On How To Be a Better Cosplayer!

There’s no such thing as good or bad cosplay. As I said before it may depends on the person on how they rate your performance. While there’s no specific rule what makes a cosplay good or not, you can increase the goodness factor of your cosplay by following these 5 tips:

Details Makes Perfect

While digital artists are spending their whole day rendering every detail of their art, cosplayers should also spend a time refining every detail of their costume. Remember that your cosplay costume is an art form!

Spend your time refining every detail of the clothes of your desired character. Even the smallest detail of their clothes is a matter when it comes to costume designing. Be precise, like you are a cosplay competition judge! You cannot simply ask a judge on how to be a better cosplayer, it’s an awful idea! Be your own judge and refine all details in your costume.

Wig is the King

Back view of Wanderer Cosplay Wig

Cosplay wigs are the most important factor for your cosplay performance. When you enter the space, your wig is the first thing that will an audience will look out from you. It’s just like a crown in your cosplay quality, that’s why you should spend allocate more money and time on it!

Don’t just buy a cheap cosplay wig from a rip-off online seller, that’s a big risk and prone to frizz. Make sure to read the reviews if the wig that you are going to purchase is high quality or just made of garbage materials that wears off easily. It’s way too embarrassing that your wig will have an issue in the middle of your cosplay showcase.

Spend your time honing your wig or hair styling skills. Utilize all free online learning resources about wig styling. Just do everything to supercharge your cosplay wig! Wig is the thing that can be a big answer to a question, “how to be a better cosplayer?”

Make Sure That Your Costume Well Fit to You

Wearing a costume that doesn’t fit to your body is way too embarrassing. Wearing a non-compatible costume can make your cosplay experience uncomfortable. If you wear a costume that’s too small for your body type, it makes the heat pile up in your body. That’s so uncomfortable, especially if the convention organizer doesn’t invest well in maintaining their air conditioner. 

An outfit that is either too baggy or too snug can diminish the impact and disrupt the sense of being part of the scene for the cosplayer and everyone else nearby. Thus, making sure the costume fits well is crucial for having a fun and rewarding cosplay adventure. Getting a right size is a way on how to be a better cosplayer while avoiding embarrassing moments in the public.

Discover, Resarch, Dive Deeper!

Google Search UI

There are hundreds but thousands of techniques to make your cosplay stand. There are no professional artists that are only using one color for their arts. Don’t limit yourself to your current cosplay style. Removing that limiting belief is a one step closer one how to be a better cosplayer.

If you can spend your precious time scrolling in cosplay-related websites like this one, I bet that you can spend your time doing a deep research about cosplay techniques. There’s no need to be ashamed of learning something new. Knowledge is the new currency!

Let me give you one example. If you are a cosplayer that “exactly” cosplaying characters, you might give a casual cosplay a try! If you love to do casual cosplay like me, why not to try a closet cosplay?

If you are making your own cosplay props manually using your hands, you can try 3D printing. If you are crocheting your cosplay materials, why not give a knitting a shot? There’s an infinite method of creating your cosplay. I suggest that you try all of it if you have a spare time and see what’s slays the most!

Good Makeup (Optional)

Makeup for cosplay can elevate your cosplay experience, making it crucial to make sure it remains standing out during your cosplay performance. Investing in your makeup quality can skyrocket your cosplay experience to its fullest. 

One more thing about doing makeup for cosplay, it’s completely an optional step for cosplay! As a male cosplayer by myself, I rarely do makeup because my guts telling me that my appearance is much better at doing touch to my face. Sometimes, listening to your inner critic is a best way on how to be a better cosplayer.

I’m not into cosplay makeup, but I can give you some general information about it. Before you do makeup, make sure that your face is clean in order to make it last longer. Once the foundation is put on, a setting spray is used to maintain its position and avoid smearing.

For those with greasy skin or participating in cosplay in a moist environment, applying setting powder can absorb surplus oil and stop the makeup from becoming runny. Not every convention venue has a decent air conditioning system to protect your makeup from humidity. It’s still advisable to consult a professional make up artist.


The article provides on how to be a better cosplayer. Cosplay is an art form, and every person has their own unique taste of arts. Honing cosplay abilities is crucial for advancing one’s journey and providing a sense of achievement.

Cosplayers should focus on refining every detail of their costumes, including their wigs, which are the most important factor in their performance. It’s important to invest in high-quality wigs and learn about wig styling skills through free online resources.

Making sure that the costume fits well is also crucial for having a fun and rewarding cosplay adventure. There are hundreds of techniques to make your cosplay stand out, and there’s no need to be ashamed of learning something new.