Cosplay is Expensive: The Most Stupid Myth

Cosplay is Expensive: The Most Misleading Cosplay Myth Ever!

If you type this phrase in Google, “Cosplay is” the first thing that would appear is “Cosplay is Expensive.” It’s funny to think that most people fall for this fake news and give up their cosplay passion because of their finances. 

As I discovered that this term is always being searched up in Google, this makes me laugh hard! Imagine, people are actually searching this term in Google to know whether cosplay is expensive or not and just saw a fake article telling the answer in their question is yes.

Debunking Myth: Cosplay is Expensive Hobby!

This myth is so misleading that an aspiring cosplayer wants to stop their passion. All Cosplayers are free to cosplay regardless of their finances. There is no specific rule that you must reach a specific net worth before you can start. This is a hobby, not a BUSINESS!

Cosplay is an Art Form. It Depends On You On How You Deal With It!

Cosplay is an art. It can be a good comparison to visual art, but in a different medium. This difference is no excuse to not consider cosplay as an art. 

Doing arts costs money based on how you do it. Not everything that costs money can be considered expensive unless you exaggerate. If cosplay is an art, that means participating in this hobby costs money, but the cost is up to you on how you finance it.

In traditional arts, an artist has the freedom to choose whether to use a cheap wooden pencil or a luxurious mechanical pencil for their artwork. This concept can be applied to a cosplayer. It’s up to them whether to buy a cheap but high-quality cosplay costume in reputable cosplay stores like Role Cosplay or scam themselves by buying an overpriced costume made up of garbage materials.

Remember that financing a creative passion is not a Russian roulette game, it’s about spending some time making a wise decision! If you are not wise in financing your hobbies, cosplay is expensive for you!

Resourcefulness is a Must

Without being resourceful, you will end up being in debt because of cosplay. Being resourceful is According to runn, resourcefulness is a person’s ability to find efficient and innovative ways to accomplish something or overcome a specific problem. 

That means if you are a resourceful cosplayer, you have a brain that can generate ways to cosplay a specific character in the most innovative, cheapest, and efficient way! There’s no need to complain that cosplay is expensive.

As you go deeper into the cosplay world, your resourceful skills will improve in no time. It’s very common that your cosplay expenses are going down as you learn more about this creative passion. That’s because cosplay teaches you to be more resourceful and save more money. 

For example, you want to cosplay as Aira Shiratori from Ensemble Stars, but you are way too broke to craft or buy his signature uniform.

You looked at your closet and saw your old school uniform. Guess what? You just order a wig from that character and use your old school uniform to cosplay him. That’s how a resourceful cosplayer thinks. Everything in the closet is a costume!

Casual Cosplay Exists!

A person with short, dark blue hair is wearing a black face mask. The background appears to be indoors with a green and white curtain partially visible. The person is looking directly at the camera with a neutral expression.

The word cosplay can be affordable by just putting a magic word on it. This is a type of cosplay that you can try if you are a start-up cosplayer but on a tight budget. That’s what the cosplay community called “Casual Cosplay.” 

As you can see in my picture above, I’m cosplaying as Wanderer from Genshin Impact but the only difference is that I’m wearing a school uniform rather than the character’s signature outfit.

Casual cosplay is a type of cosplay where you will simply style your hair or buy a wig and dress up like an ordinary person. That’s the most convenient way to cosplay if you are tight in budget and complaining to Google that this hobby is too expensive!

The Cost of Casual Cosplay (Wig Only Cosplay) and Why Choose RoleCosplay to buy Wigs?

Casual cosplay actually costs UpTo 25$ than a standalone cosplay that can cost you a hundred but sometimes, thousand dollars. Sounds too good to be true?

Behold! This isn’t just a wig from RoleCosplay in the screenshot, my friends. It’s a portal to Scaramouche’s world. Crafted with the finest synthetic fibers, this wig is as heat-resistant as Scaramouche’s fiery temper and as easy to style as his signature smirk. But unlike his elusive heart, this wig won’t cost you a fortune.

Use my exclusive discount code “fandangoblogs” in RoleCosplay upon checkout and this masterpiece is yours for a mere 11 dollars! That’s right, a price so irresistible, even the Raiden Shogun herself would approve. Low quality cosplay wigs are prone to tangling and frizz, so don’t settle for a wig that will be a garbage soon!

Imagine yourself striding through a convention, this wig flowing behind you like a banner of villainy. Heads will turn, whispers will follow, and envy will consume those who haven’t embraced this cosplay game-changer.

It’s up to you whether you want to supercharge your cosplay convention experience or not. In the good case, RoleCosplay is the answer when you want to make every person envious of your alluring cosplay wig! Buy now using my code (fandangoblogs) before your next con!

When we sum it up (shipping fee not included), this is my overall costs to cosplay as casual version of the Wanderer:

  • Cosplay Wig = 12.5$ (it will be 11$ if you use my discount code)
  • School Uniform = 0$
  • The Happiness of my wallet = Priceless

If someone tells you that cosplay is expensive hobby, it’s much better to shut their mouth. They don’t even know what Casual Cosplay means.

Myth: The Cost of Cosplay Defines the Quality of it!

The fact is the quality of the cosplay depends on how resourceful the cosplayer is! Even if you purchase the most expensive cosplay costume in the world, you might have a risk of losing against the low quality cosplay in cosplay competitions. 

Let me clarify you, having a luxurious cosplay costume doesn’t define that your cosplay will stand out in the convention. No one really cares in the convention venue whether that costume is handmade or bought from an expensive cosplay shop. 

No one in the convention asked you, “Hey cosplayer, did you buy that cosplay? How much does your cosplay cost?” This is a clarification that no one at convention asks about your costume. The only thing convention goers care about is how cosplayers enjoy this hobby, not the costs.


The myth that cosplay is expensive is misleading. Cosplay is an art, and the cost of participating in it depends on how you finance it. 

Resourcefulness is a must in cosplay, and it’s common for cosplay expenses to decrease as you learn more about it. You can do cosplay even by doing a style referred to as “casual cosplay,” which is a type of cosplay that can be affordable for start-ups. 

Casual cosplay involves styling hair or buying a wig and dressing up like an ordinary person. The cost of casual cosplay actually goes up to $25.