5 Reasons Why is it better to buy cosplay costume than making your own!

Is it better to buy cosplay

The most heated debate in the cosplay community. Should you make or buy your own cosplay? The answer here is to buy! 

Cosplay is a form of art that an artist or cosplayer will dress up like their favorite fictional characters. This is an ideal creative activity in which anyone can participate. In the world of cosplayers, there are only three ways to participate in this activity. 

How Cosplayers can have a costume for their performance?

1. Making their own

Some cosplayers in the community make their own costume and props. They sew every piece of detail in their costume. Sometimes, they will go to the thrift store and modify the material to turn it into a costume or props. 

This is time-consuming, especially for students and a cosplayer that has a day job. The risk is high, once you make a mistake, you will buy the materials again. If you have an unlucky day that you mess up multiple times, your expenses will stack up and the costs of your mistakes will be the same cost of buying a pre-made costume.

2. Renting

While cosplay costumes are not real estate, the good news is that you can actually rent cosplay material. You can find one from the Facebook marketplace, cosplay conventions, or by negotiating with your cosplay friends. 

This sounds like a rip-off because you are paying for the half price of the costume. If you attend two conventions by just renting, you will pay for the full costume in total. Also, there is some risk that you will accidentally ruin the costume. If so, you will pay the landlord. 

3. Buying

The most ideal way of cosplaying, buy a pre-made costume. Buying your own cosplay costume is less risky than making your own. Everything will be done by in-house professional tailors who undergoes years of formal education in the field of sewing.

While Renting and making your own cosplay costume has a big risk, going through the pre-made route also has a potential risk. That risk is being scammed or getting a low-quality costume from the seller.

This risk can be mitigated by using a trusted cosplay websites. Rolecosplay is one of the most trusted cosplay store in the community that produce a high quality costume for you to flex it in your next convention💪. Well, is it better to buy cosplay if you are buying it from a reputable cosplay websites.

In conclusion, is it better to buy cosplay? The short answer here yes, it’s much better to buy pre-made cosplay from a trusted and reputable cosplay website for cosplayers that has a low risk tolerance. Buying a cosplay costume is just like eating in the restaurant than cooking at your own, everything is served to you by a waiter and all you need to do is to eat!

Why is it better to buy cosplay costume than making your own?

Reason 1: Perfect for Beginners & Busy Schedules

Buying your own cosplay costume is a blessing for those who have a busy life. If you are a student cramming for your school project, it’s usual that you don’t have time to craft your own costume. I assure you that you will not sacrifice your GPA just to chase a deadline for your next convention.

Making your own costume can also be a torture to an individual that works 9 to 5 or has a day job. Buying a pre-made costume can make your boss happy and save you time from hassles. That’s why is it better to buy your own cosplay is you are having a busy schedule.

This method of cosplaying might be a good idea for beginners who will attend their first cosplay convention. You are way too excited to attend your first anime convention but this excitement turns into despair because you will be pressured that you must finish your cosplay before the event. 

Reason 2: Professional Quality & Attention to Detail

Reputable cosplay websites as I mentioned before have well-trained in-house tailors that will sew a costume for you. The costumes that are made by a professional are much better than ones that are made at home. 

Every detail are embedded in your costume because they are made by a professional tailor, not a guy who just only searches it on Google or YouTube. Accurate details of the costume can add a professional factor to your cosplay experience.

These professionals are way better to trust than your cosplay friend that will block you in Facebook after they use you. 

Joke aside, these cosplay shops have unique fabrics and materials that are handpicked by professionals. Most of these materials are hard to find in the market. If you prioritize professionalism, is it better to buy your own cosplay!

Reason 3: Not everyone can Sew

This is the most painful part of this blog, not every cosplayer can sew. Not every cosplayer is born with a sewing talent. Not every individual doesn’t have time in investing on overpriced courses to learn sewing.

Entering your credit card details in cosplay websites are much way faster than learning to sew. Sewing might also have some health hazard that a non-risk-taker individuals will absolutely avoid.

So, if your non-cosplay friend that doesn’t know how to sew, will going to enter the world of cosplay and asks you if is it better to buy cosplay. Give them an advice to buy their own cosplay for their own convenience.

Reason 4: Cost-Effectiveness 

Average Genshin Impact cosplay costumes cost 70$-100$, not including the shipping fee which may depend on your region. This sounds rationally expensive but sometimes, this route might be way cheaper, here’s why:

If you search on how much is a sewing machine, it will show that it can costs you 100$-200$ each. The machine that will be used to craft your own costume is already enough to break your bank account.

How about the materials? These materials will cost you more if you sum it up in your upfront cost of a sewing machine. 

One more thing is that going to a DIY route, every mistake will be a gunshot to your wallet. If you mess up the fabric, you will buy another one. If you are a beginner, making mistakes is a common experience. Buying a cosplay doesn’t have an oopsie risk. 

Reason 5: Support the Cosplay Community

I’m not saying that you should go buy a pre-made costume just to be a charity giver to the cosplay community. But by doing so, you are actually supporting the industry of the cosplay world.

Most of the cosplay shops are small businesses. We all know that supporting SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) is morally right. Buying a pre-made costume is the best way to support them. 

Is buying your cosplay bad?

No rule or taboo prohibits you from buying a costume than making your own. No one cares in the convention whether your costume is bought or made by yourself. The most important thing is that you express yourself.

Is it better to buy your cosplay costume?

For me, the answer is yes! It’s time efficient, more cost effective and makes my cosplay experience more detailed. But it’s up to you, if you have a high-risk tolerance, you might make your own cosplay. If you fear the risk and the upfront costs, buying a pre-made cosplay costume is an ideal choice!