5 Tips on How To Survive your First Cosplay Convention as Cosplayer

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Attending your first anime convention can be a pain for a newbie cosplayer. On your first day, it’s common that you will be confused. It’s haunting but exciting moment!

Fear not, I’m here to guide you in your first convention in your life. Attending an anime convention is a fun activity for us cosplayers. It has a generous amount of social opportunity to improve your social life.

Keep in mind that this guide is also for non-cosplayers that are going to attend a convention. While cosplay can supercharge your first anime convention experience, cosplaying is not required in order to go inside of the con venues.

Cosplay is a popular hobby, so you might expect that convention venues are a crowded place.This might sound challenging, but it’s worth it if you overcome these difficulties. 

10 Tips to Survive Your First Anime Convention

Don’t waste our time, let’s get started!

Prepare your Convention Survival Kit

This is the most crucial part of your first cosplay convention. I admit that I made the same mistake too. I’m here for you to help you to not repeat my stupid mistake.

If you are a convention goer, prepare a backpack that contains these following items:

  • Power bank – It’s unlikely for a cosplay convention venue to have their own dedicated charging station. Preparing your own power bank can be a lifesaver in case that your phone or your camera runs out of battery.
  • Water – Water is the King in your survival kit. You must stay hydrated to stay active in your convention adventure!
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  • Deodorant – A body odor of inside of the convention is the best way to ruin someone’s day. It’s crucial to bring a deodorant so you will not accidentally kill your fellow cosplayers with your body odor.
  • Basic First-aid – While the convention venue sounds like a 100% safe place, you’re wrong! Every place in the world has a physical risk. I suggest that you bring band-aids, sanitizer for wounds, bandages, etc.
  • Snacks – Walking around the venue is not an easy task. It makes you hungry for a long run. It’s better to bring ready-to-eat foods.

These are some stuffs you must put in your convention survival kit. There’s so many things you should put there. You might want to check my blog for a full detailed guide on how to prepare your kit.

Stay Hydrated

There’s so many instances in the cosplay community that some cosplayers are getting their body collapsed because of dehydration.

You should not make this same mistake. It’s much better to not attend a convention rather than attending it without hydrating yourself.

Remember that you have a bottled water on your side. It’s your best companion in your experience!

Plan Your Cosplay Wisely

Make sure that the cosplay that you are going to present at the convention is comfortable, especially during the summer days. I recommend you to choose a costume that you can move properly. 

It’s a very bad idea to wear a costume that’s too big or too small for you inside of the convention. Avoid anything too restrictive or that could cause overheating.

If you are unsure, it’s advisable to practice wearing your cosplay at home. This will help you identify any potential wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort issues before the con.

Sleep Tight Before the Con

As I said before, walking around the venue is an exhausting task for everyone. We are not a robot that are rechargeable by electricity. We are a human that need rest. Attending your first anime convention is exciting but it might be spoiled up by your tiredness.

My advice is here to have a deep good night’s sleep before the Con day. You must ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep to make sure that you have a sufficient energy in your journey.

Don’t Forget to Take a Break

When you are inside of the venue, you are not obligated to go walk all day. Many cosplays conventions have a dedicated area for a con-goers to sit down for a while. Please ask the organizers in the venue if they have such a place.

If you feel something pain in your body or you feel tired, it’s advisable to take a break. Pushing yourself too much can cause you to be sick after that day, which is not good. If this is your first anime convention, it’s pretty obvious that your body is not used to walk inside of the venue all day.


Empty Wallet
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This is the hardest part of this blog, budgeting your money in your first anime convention. It’s normal to be tempted to do a shopping spree, especially if the merchandise you will see is from your favorite character. 

While being tempted to overspend is common, you must find a way to mitigate it or you will go out broke after that day. It’s not advisable to blow out your whole paycheck for your first con.

My advice is, before the convention, make a list of merchandise that you will buy according to your current budget. Make a promise to yourself that the items you will buy should be on your list.

The skeptic is that you want to do a shopping spree in the cons but your paycheck has already been blowned to your cosplay. This is a no-no for a cosplayer like you!

Role Cosplay is offering a 12% off discount code for all cosplayers around the globe. Just use the code: “fandangoblogs” upon checkout to claim your discount. The 12% money you’ve saved will goes to your first anime convention shopping spree!

Having a large budget for your first cosplay convention can make your experience more memorable. The merchandises you bought will be a footprint of your first con that can bring up a sentimental value to it!

Have your Cosplay Friend on your Side

Attending a cosplay convention without a supportive cosplay friend is just like eating bread without a flavor. Yes, having a buddy beside you will supercharge the fun of your first cosplay convention experience.

It’s more fun to walk around the convention having a nice conversation to a friend than walking alone. Also, having a financially supportive friend besides you can help you to stop the urge to overspend your convention money.

Respect Other Cosplayers

Cosplay is not a consent! You should practice respect for others inside of the venue. Whether this cosplayer is your friend or not, respect is a must. There’s some instances that cosplay community might be toxic but remember that you should not contribute to it. Instead, you should be a good example to raise an awareness about positivity.

Be mindful of other cosplayers’ personal space and costumes. Ask permission before taking photos and be careful not to bump into or damage others’ props or outfits.

Leave no Trace

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Anyone hates littering or is a big mess. Make sure that you keep the cleanliness of the venue. Never ever litter inside of the venue or make something messy. Don’t throw random things on the floor.

Help keep the convention space clean by disposing of trash properly. Be considerate of the venue and its staff by following their rules and guidelines.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Everyone starts somewhere. It’s easy to feel intimidated by experienced cosplayers, but remember that they were all beginners once too. Focus on having fun and celebrating your own progress.

During your first anime convention, you are prone to being trapped by a comparison game. If you want to ruin your convention experience deliberately, playing the comparison game is the best way to do it!

Don’t Afraid To Ask For Help

Cosplay convention venues have their own human Google. Those people are the staffs. In your first convention, it’s pretty normal to be confused about everything .

If you’re lost, need assistance with your cosplay, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask convention staff or fellow attendees. The cosplay community is generally very welcoming and supportive.

Have Fun!

Congrats that you reached the last part of this article. It’s an indication that you are willing to supercharge your first con experience! 

Last but not the least, you should have fun during your anime convention journey. It’s pointless to read a blog like this if you are not having a fun, it’s a waste of time!

Anime conventions are a celebration of your fandom. All you need to do is to relax, meet new cosplay people, explore, do a shopping spree and enjoy the experience. 


Attending your first anime convention as a cosplayer can be challenging, but it’s worth it. The article provides 10 tips for survival, including preparing a convention survival kit with a power bank, water, deodorant, basic first-aid, snacks, and hydration. 

Choose a comfortable costume that allows you to move properly and avoid anything too restrictive. Practice wearing your cosplay at home to identify any potential wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort issues. 

Get at least 8 hours of sleep before the convention to ensure sufficient energy. Don’t forget to take a break when you’re not obligated to walk all day and ask the organizers if there’s a dedicated area for a con-goers to sit down for a while. Budgeting your money wisely is also important to avoid overspending.

It’s common to see merchandise from your favorite characters at the convention, so it’s important to find a way to buy them without blowing your whole budget. Having a friend who is also a fan of your favorite character can be a fun and supportive support system.