What is the White Colored Pencil For? 5 Ways to Utilize it!

Infographic titled "White Colored Pencil Purposes" with a pencil displaying a white tip, and six purposes shown with colorful

Colored white pencils are stereotyped as useless. These stereotypes are all lie and this pencil might be useful for your creative endeavor!

Infographic titled "White Colored Pencil Purposes" with a pencil displaying a white tip, and six purposes shown with colorful numbered circles: 1) Creating Realistic Highlights and Dimension, 2) Effortless Blending for Seamless Transitions, 3) Lifting Colors for Mistake Correction and Subtlety, 4) Adding Textural Magic, 5) Making Your Artwork Shine on Dark Backgrounds. URL: https://fandangoph.xyz.

The humble white colored pencil. It might seem like the odd one out amongst its vibrant brethren, but don’t be fooled! This unassuming tool holds a surprising amount of power in the world of art.

Beyond the Basics: Unleashing the White Colored Pencil’s Potential

While a white colored pencil can certainly add pops of white on dark toned paper or construction paper, that’s just the first layer of its potential. Here’s how this unassuming tool can elevate your artwork:

Creating Realistic Highlights and Dimension

Want to make your drawing leap off the page? A white colored pencil is your secret weapon for adding highlights and bringing a sense of light and dimension to your work. By applying it lightly in specific areas, you can create a realistic sheen or a dazzling spotlight effect. Imagine a portrait where a white colored pencil helps define the glint in an eye or the soft curve of a lip – that’s the magic at play!

There are various methods for doing this colored white pencil technique for your drawing. Realstic highlights are important factor when it comes to realistic arts. If you are doing a realism arts, give your white colored pencil a try!

In digital art, this called rendering. Because of this amazing but hated art material, you can render the lights in your physical canva without making it digital.

Effortless Blending for Seamless Transitions

Don’t like harsh transitions between colors? The white colored pencil can be your blending tool. By layering it between your colored pencil strokes, you can create smooth gradients and a more polished look. This is especially useful for backgrounds or creating a sense of depth in objects.

Lifting Colors for Mistake Correction and Subtlety

Made a mistake or want to lighten a specific area? The white colored pencil is a best answer for you! Layering it strategically can help lift color and create a lighter shade, perfect for adding subtle variations. This is a great way to fix minor errors or create soft shading effects that wouldn’t be possible with a single, darker colored pencil.

Other colored pencil doesn’t inherent the power of erasers. This makes white colored pencil stands out. Can you use your green colored pencil to lighten the desired area of your canva? Actually, no!

Adding Textural Magic

From wispy fur to shimmering snow, a white colored pencil can be used to create interesting textures. Experiment with different strokes and pressure to achieve a variety of alluring effects. You can use light, feathery strokes to create fur when drawing your cat or use a heavier hand with a thoughter technique to depict rough tree bark.

Making Your Artwork Shine on Dark Backgrounds

Working on black or dark colored paper? A white colored pencil is your go-to for adding details and letting your artwork shine. Unlike lighter colored pencils that might get lost on a dark background, the white pigment creates a stark contrast that allows your drawing to take center stage.

This is common among high school students when doing their group art project. My classmates and I are using the power of white colored pencils to turn unused colored paper into a beautiful craft. Guess what? We got the highest score among the other groups. 


So, next time you reach for your colored pencils, don’t underestimate the power of white! It’s a versatile tool that can add depth, dimension, and a touch of magic to your artwork. Feeling adventurous? Try using a white colored pencil on toned paper for a unique and captivating effect! Toned paper comes in a variety of colors, and using white on it can create a beautiful interplay of light and shadow. The possibilities are truly endless!