How to make money as an artist without an art commission?

Art commission is one of the most efficient way to make money from your art skill but the market for this method is way too saturated. Most of novice artists cannot endure the intense competition of the market. But don’t lose hope to turn your talent into a high paying career. Art commission is not the sole way to earn money from being an artist. There’s many way on how to make money as an artist.

5 ideas to make money as an artist

Publish your artwork

This method is best for artist who excels in character design especially in the field of anime and manga art. While this method is ideal for character design artists, it can also be applied with any various art medium or forms that you enjoy making.

This can be done by working as an illustrator or artist with traditional publishers. You can find a publishers by using social media like Facebook and approaching publishing houses.

If you are not a big fan of approaching game, you can find an illustrator job in some job finder services such as LinkedIn, Foundit PH by APEC, Trabahanap and Indeed.

If you are introverted artist in nature, you are free to do this method without a client by making your own website and monetizing it. Such monetization methods are ad networks like Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, renting out your website’s ad space and more!

Optionally, you may use your art portfolio to Increase your chance of being accepted. Building a portfolio can be an answer in how to make money as an artis.

Art Alley from Cosplay/Anime Convention

While cosplay conventions are for “cosplayers” and pop culture fans, some event organizers give an opportunity for amateur artist to sell their arts in their own customized booth inside of the venue. If you are under the pop culture art niche, this is the most perfect way on how to make money as an artist, NO COMMISSION!

Art Alley is a dedicated booth or vendor space inside of the venue for an authorized artist to sell their finished arts to the people wandering the event venue.

The most exciting part in Art Alley is that an artist can sell anything related to pop culture such as keychains, bracelets, pins and posters. This can be a good method for an artist that can make a craft in various mediums.

You can find an upcoming Cosplay conventions in your local area thru social media or search engine. Check their upcoming events whether they have an art Alley or none, it’s a great opportunity to you in case that they have one!

Please be minded that some cosplay organizers charge an artist for the booth space. The price may vary depending in what convention is that.

Make an educational content about Arts

Sharing is caring, talent is not the exception for it. The world wants to learn to be a better artist like you! I don’t mean that you will go to random school to apply as a teacher. You can be an actual paying art teacher thru the internet and turn it as your virtual classroom.

In this method, revealing your face is optional. You will just need some sprinkle of writing skills and your art talent. There are some various ways to teach art online. Examples of them are by making an online course, textbooks, blog website and etc. It’s also possible to mix two or three of these ways, making an educational blog website while offering a textbook.

Building an educational website costs you a hundred bucks from hosting, themes, plugins and hiring a developer. It’s a good choice to create an educational art content in your word processing software and self publish the book. In this way of making an ebook, you will not think about the costs of monetizing it because Draft2Digital will handle it for you without an upfront cost.

Licensing your artwork

Another passive income idea for you! By art licensing, you are giving someone a permission to use your artwork in exchange of royalties (most of them are 10%).

Your artwork can be licensed by anyone for business or commercial purposes by giving up some rights of your art to them. Most of the common art licensors are music production companies, media companies and advertising companies.

One of the example of licensing is that you, as an artist will be paid off by a music studio company to use your artwork as the album cover of the song. The company will take some rights from your work that gave them license to use it for commercial use. In exchange for that, this company will pay you a parentage of sales from the album.

Beaware of the contracts! Some of music production studios attempt to make a predatory contract that can cause some dispute or lose of control to your licensed work. It’s advisable to consult a lawyer to review your artwork licensing contract!

Art Fair

If you don’t want the idea of selling your artwork to cosplay or anime conventions, art Fair may be a good alternative for it. It’s just like an Art Alley but dedicated for artists and art enthusiasts. Feel free to search one from your search engine.


These are the 5 ways on how to make money as an artist without commission. It can be publishing your artwork, selling in art Alley, making an educational materials, Licensing and Art fair. If you ask me, I would recommend you the number 3 by self publishing an e-book that guides other to get started with arts.

Self publishing an educational art guide resources can be a good way to make money while you help other artist to grow their skills without spending money by using Draft2Digital. Your art talent is transferrable and it’s not illegal to share it to others!

If you are a digital artist that looking for a high quality drawing tablet without breaking a bank. Please consider to check XPPen Artist Pro 16 Gen 2 that has 16K pressure Sensitivity! If you want to make money as an artist, investing with a right equipment is must!