We analyzed the popularity of Genshin Impact Cosplay. The results shock us!

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Credits to Hoyoverse

We analyzed the world of Cosplay to find out the trends among the Genshin Impact cosplay community.

Today, we investigate the cosplay community on Instagram to scrape these data. Without further ado, let’s get started!

A Summary of our Research

1. Venti, an Anemo archon has the most Cosplayed Male Character in Instagram that has a 60.9K posts.

2. Hu Tao is the most cosplayed character. 

3. Venti is the most cosplayed character among anemo vision holders.

4. Ganyu is the most cosplayed character among cryo vision holders.

5. Nahida is the most cosplayed character among dendro vision holders.

6. There’s a total of 1,161,800 Genshin Impact Cosplay posts on Instagram around the globe.

7. Most of Genshin Impact cosplayers are Female. 74.4% of Genshin Impact Cosplayers are Female.

8. Yae Miko is the most cosplayed character among electro vision holders.

9.  Zhongli is the most cosplayed character among Geo vision holders.

10. Tartaglia is the most cosplayed character among Hydro vision holders.

11. Hu Tao is the most Cosplayed Character among Pyro vision holders.

12. 1.7% of Instagram Cosplay Contents are Genshin Impact characters.

Venti is the most Cosplayed Male Character

Most cosplayed male Genshin Impact character infographic 2024

In the overall Male characters of Genshin Impact since the version 4.6, Venti is the outstanding character that has an Instagram cosplay posts of 690,900 around the world. 

In this ranking, Xiao is the 2nd Character in the most cosplayed Male Genshin Impact Character on Instagram. The 3rd one is Zhongli. The 4th is Albedo and the 5th place is Kaeya. 

I’m not surprised that Venti is one of the most popular characters to cosplay; from my experience, he has appeal from both hardcore Genshin fans, as well as casual fans. -Roger Senpai

Hu Tao is the Most Cosplayed Character in Overall

Most Cosplayed Genshin Impact characters Infographics

It’s no surprise to said that the beloved Pyro Genshin Impact Character, Hu Tao is the most popular characters that cosplayed on Instagram 61,200 times! This character has a simple costume that even a closet cosplayer can try out. It’s no wonder that this character will be the number one cosplay character in the Genshin Impact world.

In the overall ranking, Ganyu is the 2nd place in this competition. The 3rd one is Yae Miko. The electro archon, Raiden Shogun is 4th place. And the 5th place is the Aether’s twin, Lumine.

Genders of Genshin Impact Cosplayers

Infographic showing gender distribution of Genshin Impact cosplayers

Genshin Impact has a vast amount of characters to cosplay and post it on Instagram. You’re free to cosplay any characters even you do a cross play or genderbend cosplay! This game offers a good ratio of male to female character ratio. 

In our research, most of Genshin Impact cosplayers are female. The 74.7% of Genshin cosplayers are female, 15.6% are male and 9.6% are others. This research is based on 500 Cosplay Instagram accounts that we scraped that cosplayed atleast one Genshin Impact characters.

This demographic research has matched the other researches. Back in 2015, icv2 stated that most of cosplayers in that year are female. We can see here that 9 years ago, this hobby is still relevant in 2024 for female hobbyist.

Venti is the Most Cosplayed Anemo Character

Genshin Impact Anemo characters cosplay popularity chart on Instagram.

Anemo is an element in the game. It’s surprising that the archon of this element is the number one cosplayed character on Instagram compared to other Anemo vision holders. This character has reached 690,900 posts. 

In our research, Venti has 60,900 cosplay posts on Instagram. Aira Fujiyuki seems disappointed in our research because the Wanderer only got around 30K posts compared to other characters. 

Ganyu is the Most Cosplayed Cryo Character

In our research, Ganyu takes the crown of having a 58,100 cosplay posts on Instagram among the other icy characters. Our team doesn’t wonder why she ranks the top one here because we see this character everywhere around the cosplay conventions.

In this ranking, Kaeya is the 2nd candidate for being a popular cryo cosplay characters among the community. We don’t wonder why this pirate character, Kaeya is  a popular character to cosplay. A pirate trope is popular among pop culture fans! 

Nahida is the Most Cosplayed Dendro Character

Genshin Impact Dendro character cosplay popularity chart on Instagram.

This is same as for the anemo element, the archon is the king! Nahida, a dendro archon takes the trophy for having a 13,200 cosplay posts on Instagram. It’s cuteness and family friendly elements of this character makes it a good choice for young cosplayers that every parents will approve.

Tighnari is the 2nd place for having a 13,300. It’s no wonder why this character managed to climb the ranking. It’s cute long ears that everyone in the convention will love is a one factor!

Yae Miko is the Most Cosplayed Electro Character

Genshin Impact Electro character cosplay popularity graph on Instagram

Yae Miko, a beloved electro character in the realm of Teyvat has reached 57,000 cosplay posts on Instagram. It’s alluring character design is one of the factor of being the popular cosplay characters among electro vision holders.

The second character is the electro archon, Raiden Shogun. It’s known for being a good electro character in the game!

Zhongli is the Most Cosplayed Geo Character

Genshin Impact cosplay popularity chart for Geo characters on Instagram.

Another case for the GEO element, the archon is the 1st place. Zhongli has reached 44,600 Instagram cosplay posts! It’s handsome appearance is a factor of achieving this accomplishment. It’s likely that every heart of fan girls will melt for it’s masculine personality.

Albedo is the 2nd place with 34,300 Instagram posts. The 3rd place in this ranking is Gorou for having 24,400. 

Tartaglia is the Most Cosplayed Hydro Character

Genshin Impact Hydro characters cosplay popularity chart on Instagram.

We are now in the section of water-loving characters. Tartaglia has reached 29,500 Instagram Posts and become the number one Cosplayed Hydro Character. 

In this statistic, Kokomi and Mona is the 2nd place with 25,000 IG posts.

Tartaglia, however was surprising given that there are many popular Hydro characters such as Mona and Barbara. -Roger Senpai

Hu Tao is the Most Cosplayed Pyro Character

Genshin Impact cosplay popularity chart on Instagram

This is the most hottest element of all time, a pyro (fire) element! Hu Tao got another thropy in this article for being the most cosplayed pyro character on Instagram.

Diluc is the 2nd place for having a 30,400 posts. The 3rd place is a bomb-loving character, Klee for having 21,200 IG contents.

The amount of Genshin Impact Cosplay Posts on Instagram has Reached Millions

Genshin Impact cosplay popularity infographic on Instagram.

Thanks for the game developer for offering a vast amount of characters to choose from. The overall total of Genshin Impact IG content as of June 2024 has reached 1,161,800! 

This amount of cosplay pictures for one video game franchise is absolutely massive! Our team doesn’t wonder why Genshin Impact has reached a billion dollar revenue.

1.7% of Instagram Cosplay Contents are From Genshin Impact

"Genshin Impact versus other cosplay Instagram posts infographic"

In our research, Instagram has 66,600,000 Cosplay Posts around the world. If we go back in the amount of Genshin Impact contents, 1.7% of IG cosplay posts are Genshin Impact characters. After reading this blog, I bet you’re convinced to add Genshin Impact to your cosplay plans. If you want to get started, consider checking out my fellow cosplayer’s blog about Genshin Impact cosplay ideas!

This approximately of 1,161,800 out of 66,600,000! This domination is not bad. For millions of video game franchises in the world, Genshin Impact took away the 1.7% of Cosplay contents on Instagram. 

I love your Genshin Impact cosplay analysis. As someone who is a Genshin Impact player and also has cosplayed from the series, I found it really interesting that almost 2% of all cosplays were from Genshin. -Roger Senpai