Medibang Paint Honest Review 2024: The best Painting Software

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Medibang Paint is a popular painting application for smartphone and tablet.

•Clean and uncluttered User Interface
•Good for Beginners
•Wide selections of Brushes, colors and etc.
•Free pre-installed fonts and Chat bubbles for Comics
•No Reference Window

Medibang paint is a free painting app for Smartphone or tablet in any supported operating systems like Android and IOS. Turning these devices into a portable digital canva that you can work anytime! While Medibang Paint is free, it’s offer a various features for beginner to veteran digital artists.

Why I recommend Medibang

Beginner Friendly

In your first canva creation, you will be welcomed by a walkthrough in how to use the app. Unlike other drawing applications, they will slap you a 10K words of documentation to use the application without any further explanation. If you are just starting out, expect that you don’t need to waste your time in studying the software by yourself.

The walkthrough will teach you from bottom to top. This will teach you on how to use each tools like brushes, bucket, shortcuts and etc. No need to figure out the app features by yourself.

User friendly UI

Medibang Paint UI

In your canva, shortcut to the drawing tools, color scheme selection, save, undo, eraser and more features are well-organized. There is also a drop-down menu that you can temporarily hide some unused features. This app may be good for people who looks for an organized user interface especially for those who have ADHD or any conditions that can affect their focus.

In some tools you select, more various options will show. This convenient interface makes it easy to personalize the tools, making it easy to create a masterpiece that compatible with your style. Make sure that your screen doesn’t become too cluttered or complicated.

The tools are too far in the canva that make this app suitable for small screen devices. Whether your device is in landscape or portrait, the interface will adjust for you to make your drawing experience better.

Plenty of Brushes

It’s unbelievable that a free digital art application/software (freeware) will invest such budge for these brushes. Medibang Paint priorities is the efficiency of the user’s drawing experience!

The app offers brushes that can be utilized for your masterpiece. Still unsatisfied? You can download one online by searching one from any search engines like Google.

While having a good software for plenty of brushes can improve your art experience, having a good hardware is a must! Using a best drawing software without investing for a high quality hardware is just like eating a bread without a flavor. XPPen Artist Pro 16 Gen 2 is a good solution for you.

Pre-installed Resources for Manga/Comics Projects

Medibang Paint Fonts

Are you a manhwa or webtoon creator? Well, this app is a must install! Medibang Paint offers a generous amount of pre-installed resources for you. These are fonts, bubble chats and more! No need to waste a time manually creating bubble heads and dialog for your project.

Medibang Paint is a must-have software for manhwa or webtoon creators due to its extensive collection of pre-installed resources specifically designed for manga/comics projects. With fonts, bubble chats, and more readily available, you can save valuable time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manually creating dialogues and bubble heads for your artwork.

The Only Thing that’s Medibang Paint lacks; Reference Window

Ibis paint Reference Window
Image from Ibis Paint:

There’s no such thing as a flawless software. All of these apps are only made by a human being. While Medibang Paint has many advantages, there is one disadvantage that can be annoying to some users especially for those who is used to switch tabs every second. This disadvantage is the abstinence of reference window.

There is no such thing as flawless software. All of these apps are made by human beings. While Medibang Paint has many advantages, there is one disadvantage that can be annoying to some users, especially for those who are used to switching tabs every second. This disadvantage is the absence of a reference window.

Most of painting application or software like Ibis paint offers a built-in reference window. But Medibang Paint does not have this very useful feature that every digital art softwares must have.

This software might not be good for a digital artist that has no time in switching their tab to Pinterest or any gallery software every second for their art reference. This might be a huge drawback from a commissioning artists that is relying to an art reference sent by their client. Try considering to use Ibis paint if you want a reference drawing.

Should you Switch to Medibang Paint?

The short answer is yes or no. The application by itself is neat and user friendly but the lack of reference window is the biggest drawback from some digital artist.

If you are beginner that is still exploring the world of digital arts, the answer for you is yes! Medibang Paint will not slaps you a thousand words of user manual or documentation to get started. This app will walkthrough you from bottom to top. You don’t even need to spend your time taking a time-waating online course studying to master the application.

For remaining artists, the answer is maybe. Consider the impact of lack of the reference window for your drawing experience. Spamming alt tab might be a waste of time just to trace your reference.


Medibang Paint is an exceptional choice for beginner digital artists, offering a user-friendly interface, a plethora of brushes and resources, and clear in-app tutorials. With its focus on streamlining the artistic process, Medibang Paint empowers creators to focus on what truly matters: bringing their artistic vision to life. While the absence of a reference window might be a sticking point for some, the overall feature set makes Medibang Paint a compelling option, especially for those new to the exciting world of digital art. If you are looking for an application that has reference window, consider to try out Ibis Paint.

Medibang Paint is a premier choice for novice digital artists seeking a professional painting software. Its intuitive interface, extensive brush collection, and abundant resources make it an exceptional tool. Despite the absence of a reference window, Medibang Paint’s comprehensive feature set makes it a compelling option for beginners venturing into the world of digital art. For those specifically looking for an application with a reference window, Ibis Paint is worth considering.