Aira Fujiyuki’s Cosplay:

Aira Fujiyuki Scaramouche Casual Cosplay full body
Aira Fujiyuki Scaramouche Casual Cosplay
A person with blue hair and bangs is wearing a black face mask. They are indoors, with green and white curtains visible in the background.
Aira Fujiyuki Scaramouche Casual Cosplay In Pose

Aira Fujiyuki is a casual cosplayer that loves to write blog about cosplay and art. He is know for doing a simple cosplay without having a full costume and use an ordinary attire with a cosplay wig.

Blog Categories:

As mentioned before, Aira Fujiyuki loves to write a blog in his own website. Here are the two blog Categories in this website that can supercharge your creativity:


These blogs contains tips and tricks for aspiring cosplayers. If you are a veteran or novice in the world of cosplaying, blogs under this category might help you!


These blogs contain tips for visual artists. Whether you do artistry in digital or traditional medium, these blogs might help you to supercharge your inner artist!

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